Sometimes as a photographer you reflect on your body of work and notice trends, patterns of angles or choices of subject which were unintentional or at least subconscious. From time to time I scan through my collection and observe repetitive images, even though that was not my intent. I've noticed that, apparently, I like to shoot benches.
Benches are ubiquitous. In every land and culture, throughout human history, the bench has been a staple of human civilization. Not merely a place on which to sit, the bench was created with communal implications. They are designed for people to sit together. Even when alone, benches provide space for people to be alone together.
But it's more than that. There's something about the bench in and of itself. It has inherent beauty. And it comes in so many different styles. It just sits there. By itself. Beckoning. Inviting. Yet perfectly content to be by itself. Some are formal. Some are utilitarian. Some are unintentional, such as ledges and stoops. Yet they all share one thing in common.
The bench is an essential part of what it means to be human.
A Place To Be Together
A Place To Be Alone
A Place Where You Sit Together, But Are Really Alone
Unintended Benches
Shadows and Reflections
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