Certainly not in my lifetime (and I have lived through the tumultuous Sixties and the Watergate crisis), and perhaps not even in American history (and that includes the Civil War), have Americans been as divided as they are today. Much more than a partisan conflict, the politics of today are filled with an animus and contempt for the Other.
While to a casual observer it feels like a college football rivalry, the anger and the fear are palpable. And one can only guess what will be the result of the Election of 2020. America and its democracy may very well hang in the balance.
I came across this rally for President Trump one weekend afternoon. At first I was reluctant to stop and take pictures. But then the historian in me took over. This is, to be sure, an historic moment in American history. And these images are just a snippet, no more than a tiny glimpse into what ails this land and its people.
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